You're the one who makes the difference

We believe the success of our social actions is formed by the attitude of each collaborator, altogether with the objectives and company values.

Jovem Aprendiz Project

The young people receive a psychosocial intervention, prioritizing capabilities knowledge, skill development for a proper posture of a corporate world, critically considering the context they are. We observe that the young people who participated in the project develop domestic subsidies. or strengthens the existing ones, facing the work market and being able to prepare themselves becoming increasingly competitive. We seek to provide subsidies so that the young people may become an agent of knowledge, control and interaction, recognizing its active role in building an effective environment for the full human development. Therefore becoming the catalyst of its own transformations. With this goal, during the project and even after its end, the Grupo Panna will keep the entries of the young people and will head them to partner companies and to everyone who is interested, supporting them to achieve the first job.

Project Employability in the Third Age

The training, the recycling and the integration of new labour market trends and requirements to the professionals above 40 years, through computers retraining classes and lectures about conducting and developing curriculums. The participants go through an interview, professional skill survey and are targeted to an area where they adapt, focusing job vacancies.

Open Doors Project

The Open Doors project aims to support young students and experienced professionals to develop their curriculum, being directed to the first job or professional replacement. The participants receive guidance through lectures about professional posture and the participation in selection processes. “To educate the professional to be successful in interviews, tests and group dynamics, boosting their chances together with opportunities on the job market”

Social Reports

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