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With specialized collaborators and solid structure, the Grupo Panna is present throughout the state of São Paulo, with a team consisting by high level professionals on their respective areas of expertise. As a organization focused on the customer, it is always looking for continuous improvement in the services, with a high investment on people, innovative methods and technology, strategically used in favor of the needs of each customer.

Our Services

The Grupo Panna serves areas that need innovation: management services for Human Resources and facilities services for the companiesIn everything we offer to the clients, the excellence, the focus on the results and the satisfaction are our greatest commitments.

Solutions in Human Resources

Recruitment and Selection

The Panna recruitment & selection acts in hiring of all professional levels, providing the best professionals on the market, according with the requested profile within the established time, using accurate and modern tools to recruit and evaluate the candidates. During all the phases, our psychologists monitor each stage and make an assessment together with the customer, assuring absolute efficacy and efficiency in the process. Such agility is characterized by it's professionals that are constantly updated by the Panna's own technology.

Our methodology best people provider was architected to assure the hiring of the right candidate for the position. Our system of recruitment and selection is more agile and trustworthy; We do a thorough diagnosis with the purpose of evaluate the candidate's compatibility with the job vacancy, assuring the hiring of the best professionals in the market according to the established salary range.

Contingency / Temporary Work Managementđi

The Panna has as one of the main competences, the Management of Labour and Contingency (temporary work law 6.019/17), at any level of the hierarchical structure of the organisation, from the operating to the strategic,

in operational functions, technical, administrative or strategic. The selecion is performed according to the complexity of the selected profile, by screenings of curriculums, profile analysis, group dynamics and application of specific tests that may be performed online.

People Strategy

Facilities Services

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